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Great Cove Wildlife Studio

Great Cove Wildlife Studio is a full
service taxidermy studio located in
South Central Pennsylvania. Federal
and State Licensed Taxidermist, Kenny
Carnahan custom mounts and creates
scenic habitats for North American big
and small game, birds, saltwater and
fresh water fish. His passion for hunting
and the outdoors, and his respect for
wildlife are reflected in each project.
He personally completes each mount
with artistry and meticulous attention to
detail. The objective is not only to
preserve your trophy, but to create a
piece of wildlife art that will produce the
same exhilaration as when you saw
your animal in the wild.

Please browse the showroom of this site
to see examples of Kenny's quality
taxidermy, and feel free to contact him
with any questions about mounting your
North American game and fish. Call his
cell phone 304-839-9519 for an evening
or weekend appointment.

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